GGS Specific Training Programs

Grand Group Training Services have an extensive portfolio of training courses available to all Security Officers including:

  • Counter Terrorism
  • Mass Shooting
  • Crisis Management
  • Customer Service & Hospitality
  • Suspicious packages & chemical threats
  • Corporate Security and Threat awareness training
  • Computer Security Awareness
  • Fire warden and emergency evacuation training
  • Situational Awareness
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Responding to robbery – Armed hold up course

GGS understand that a Security Officer within a retail environment is expected to carry out a great deal of duties which relate to varying additional skill factors. As such, we strive to retain and train our personnel to provide an overall exceptional level of knowledge and service.

GGS proud that its security teams always score the highest points among other providers for Mystery Shoppers Surveys.

The training may also reflect for Government Assist Schemes, for the like of Frontline Management for internal Management Staff or Tenants alike.

Programs which could be adapted to certain criteria and requirements of the centre, having key modules and varying selective modules to suite.  

GGS is in its final stages of gaining approved RTO Training Academy to be its educational arm in order to offer upskilling to Security Officers through a RTO


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