Retail Security


For over 16 years, GGS has been providing and managing facilities services and products including security & cleaning services and solutions to many high-profile shopping centres, managing and dealing with over 100 million retail shopping centres' guests including the busiest shopping centre in Australia.

  • GGS management and staff have extensive experience in managing and handling customer enquiries, complaints and incidents with professionalism and empathy. GGS are motivated by their Passion not just their Profession when performing their daily tasks.
  • GGS is an Innovative leader in the security of shopping centres. GGS frequently develop, implement and practice strategies, measures and procedures to provide cost effective security services to GGS’s clients.
  • GGS, have a successful track record in reducing public liability incidents at shopping centres utilising a state of art technology program which has been designed especially to reduce incidents to a minimum.
  • GGS management team work closely with centre management to implement rules and regulations to ensure a safe and friendly environment for all patrons.

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“The security of shopping centres is a collaborative responsibility of the law enforcement agencies and all of those who are working or utilising retail shopping centres, as it is at any other buildings and compounds provide public access. However it is the shopping centres owners, management and the security manager/contractor (with a sufficient authority, qualification and experience) to liaise with the local police crime prevention and counter-terrorism officers, to provide, implement and to ensure that risk management and contingency plans, all required systems, measures, relevant policies and training are up to date and in place to prevent, deter and control any risk and to respond to any threat at all times. The produced plans shall be regularly audited and fully exercised to ensure that all have been updated and are current. Plans shall cover and consider a response to various threats and risk the centre may face, such as discovering and dealing with suspicious items, fire and bomb incidents, evacuation plan, inquiry handling, the use of communication devices and equipment when a threat has been identified and post incidents access control”. Al Shammery (Threats to Retail Shopping Centres; measures and response:2012)

Please do not hesitate to ask us about our innovative security systems and demonstrate how our computerised systems work and how such systems have been structured and engineered to provide our clients with cost effective and operationally efficient outcome in making shopping malls much safer and eventually reduce insurance and liability claims.

A Passion not just a Profession